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Information provided in WholeVegan.com is not to be taken as it is from a medical doctor – which means you are responsible for your own health. Even if you got better health as a result of following recommendation posted in this website, WholeVegan do not claim that we make your health better, cured diseases, alleviated symptoms and etc.

This is because our content is not written by medical doctors, and thus by law, it cannot be taken as formal medical advices.

For those people who ask to site our work:
Anybody can verify what's on the site. To take in something as a truth just because someone said it in itself is a farce. People should form their opinion with their own researches.

Even if we site, there are so many studies that counter what we say. So there is really no point in that. Plus we are not doctors so we cannot give anybody a medical advice.

Therefore, anything we say on my site can be regarded as our opinion.

Someone said that he/she cannot donate because we did not sited. If a person is thankful of something and want to donate because of that, then that's good. It is that simple.

The people who provide case-studies, testimonials or otherwise appear on wholevegan.com receive no compensation of any kind from WholeVegan. Their stories are true, but do not guarantee your success.

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