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Why go vegan?

For average people, going vegan is difficult – or at least that's what people think. When you do anything, you need to have compelling reasons that moves you so that it would not take huge effort and/or you would be willing to put any effort in doing. This page is all about that. So please read on – read through the end to see how to improve your health through vegan diet.

You may know already that livestock cows are raised in confinement where they cannot roam freely around. Or did you think most of the meat that you eat comes from idyllic scene of countryside where cows eat green pastures? Only 1% of meat that is produced in US today is coming from such environment.

Of course, 99% of cows raised eat grains and bone meals with plenty dose of antibiotics and hormones. You might think its ok. However, do you know what's in the bone meals?

All the expired meat (including beef, pork, chicken, fish) in the supermarket do not get discarded, but shipped to bone meal rendering factory. The plastic container and wrap that packaged meat are not removed, but grinded together in giant grinding machine. All these are boiled around 135 C (275 F) for 20 minute to one hour and a half.

Food left over, lard taken out from meat, used oil from restaurants goes in as well, which is rich with burned stuffs (which is carcinogenic), saturated fats, and trans-fats.

In US, at least 3-4 millions of cats and dogs are killed every year (some say 6-7 million), not including other pets. The carcass of these euthanized pets are sometimes cremated, but often times they are shipped to rendering factory. If you want to do something about so many pets getting killed, please click here.

Pentobarbital sodium (pink stuff) to euthanize shelter animals do not disappear or destroyed in high heat during rendering process. All the injected vermicide and antibiotics in shelter animals, and toxic produced by bacteria during rotten process are not destroyed but fed back to livestock animals.

Green plastic bags that contain euthanized cats, dogs, and other animals go in there too. Flea collars and other collars on animals are not removed when they are grinded to the giant barrel.

All the road killed animals goes in there as well.

Since 1990's chicken fecal matters and feathers gathered at the bottom of chicken coop goes in there as well. This is extremely dangerous. 83% of chicken are infected with food poisoning bacteria – not to mention 90% of them have cancer cells, and also fed arsenic to make chicken grow fatter faster.

It takes days for all these stuffs to arrive at the plant and there is no refrigeration process before, during, after this process. By the time meat is got there, it is already rotten. The toxic produced by bacteria during decay are not destroyed by grinding and heating of rendering process.

With the each cycle of bone meal production, the toxic gets stronger and stronger year after year. Also this helps bacteria to develop super gene, creating super bacteria in ever increasing speed.

Due to all these toxic stuffs and super bacteria in bone meal, factory farmers in turn inject more hormone, antibiotic, vermicide, etc., in order to keep livestocks alive, in turn increasing hormone and antibiotic level in the meat. No wonder why people are getting sicker!

Still longing for that fat hamburger and chicken nugget?

Some people may argue, "I would only buy organic free ranged meat and dairy." or "I do/would raise my own meat." Then go ahead. As I said before, this website is to prompt you to go vegan since you probably stumbled on this page because you thought about going vegan.

By the way, the fat floats on the boiling bone meal soup surface contain most of heavy metals from the bone meal which are lethal to human. If this were to put on your skin, it would gives you skin problem. Not surprisingly, this fat is sold then used in making cosmetics, deodorants, soap, and other personal hygiene products. If you want to know list of alternative personal care/hygiene products, click here.

The bone meal is used in dairy, cattle, pig, poultry, and salmon feed. It is also used in pet foods. No wonder these days so many cats and dogs get the same disease as human does! If you want to read more about effect of meat on human health, click on meat page.

If reading this makes you want to be dismissive or ridicule, it is not the website for you.

Eating meat not only affects your physical health negatively, but mentally as well. In early 19th century, only wealthy people ate meat regularly, and they ate not every day, but only 2-3 times a week or so. Nowadays so many people eat meat every day and/or every meal.

This has notable consequences on people's mental constitution. Meat has a type of nitrogenous base compound called Purin. Purin stimulates and excites cells, especially nerve and brain cells, resulting increased eating and sex desires – for more details, click here. Did you ever wonder why people have less control over their binge and more lecherous these days? Do you notice the society become more and more promiscuous and obese? Hello!!!

Not only so, hormones in meat and dairy products upset human physiological functions / cycles and make people more mentally unstable. People may have noticed that teenagers are sexually maturing too fast but lacking mental maturity to handle – all thanks to hormone overdose.

Constant excitation of nerve cells essentially dulls the senses. This cause craving for increased external stimuli in intensity and amount to get the same level of sensation and excitement.

As a result, people crave more and more intense stimuli resulting sweeter, saltier, and greasier stuffs. Gradually, the people are taken over by need to stimulate basic sensation due to dulled senses. This leads to degeneration and decay in people's moral characters.

Combined with high meat, dairy, refined flour, refined sugar, and added food chemical diet, the person's character is reduced to the primal senses of reptilian brain. Reptilian brain, located at the center of mammalian brain, governs fear, fight/flight, and sex. This leads to seeking more crude and perverted type of sex and more intense violence. This is one of the major reasons why so many people are addicted to degenerative porn and horror movies these days.

Virtually all movies nowadays have violence and sex. So as music – just think of death, degenerative words and sounds which some people call music. If anyone with common sense should know that music affects people.

Do you know that 80% of packaged food sold in US does not meet the standard of healthy food in other nations, so when these companies export their foods, they modify the ingredients. And why US companies don't do the same for domestic products? People like it the way it is, so why change?

In any market, consumer is the driving force. These so called powerless normal people have great power to change if they just change their daily consuming habit.

Also let's not forget about spread of psychedelic drug usage – both legal and illegal. Human has the capacity to experience high. This is a built in brain function which can be obtained through meditation and/or meaningful work / exercises. This capacity is dampened due to wrong diet.

As a result, too many people resort to both legal and illegal drugs to ease depressions and mood swings, which end up damaging their brains even further.

Eating meat has other psychological consequences which people may not recognize readily. You may or may not know that livestock are not treated well. The four paragraphs below are brief partial descriptions. Although these may seem to have nothing to do with mental health, please read through 5th paragraph, then you will see why.

Cows live in a small area where the ground is covered with their own fecal matters to the knee so they cannot even sit down comfortably. Female cows' udders often bleed and produce much puss when they are milked due to their poor condition and hormone inflated milk breasts. In order to have better tasting meat, male cows are sterilized without anesthesia. Yes, they scream and bellow when this happens.

Pigs live in confinements where they cannot turn around. Because they are so crowded, they go crazy so they start to bite each other. In order to prevent this, their tales and incisors are cut off without anesthesia. Yes, they scream and bellow when this happens. Any dog lovers should know that pigs are as intelligent as or more so then dog, and each have characters on their own.

Chickens, when they are a few weeks old, their beaks are cut off without anesthesia. This is because in incredibly crammed condition, chickens start to go crazy as well and pecking at each other to death. To prevent this, de-beaking was introduced. Because they live in such a tight cage without proper bottom that their feet grow around wires at the bottom so their feet are stuck. They are often pulled out like stuffs from wire cage when they are ready to be slaughtered – imagine what would happen with their feet.

This is just some details about suffering they are going through. For more information about how livestock animals are treated, please click on this link and this.

You may ask, why does this matter to your mental health other then feeling morally about it? Because every emotion has corresponding chemicals in the body. Imagine how much pain, sadness, fear, hopelessness, filth, misery, and death related emotional chemicals are in the meat. No wonder there are so many of those negative thoughts popping up in people's head and they don't have control over but impulsively act out on them.

Aqua farms are no exceptions. Farmed salmon lives in lagoons of fecal matters filled with antibiotics and bone meals.

Conditions of average aqua farms are as dismal. Water is thick with fecal matters and bone meals. In order to keep the fish alive and grow in this condition, farmers use antibiotics and hormones – same story as other livestock.

Aside from physical and mental health, if you have any morality, it should be considered that you are eating livestock animals who suffer enormously. No wonder Paul McCartney said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian.

By the way, notion of having all cows and chickens raised in free ranged organically is impossible. Remember how people in 19th century ate meat only in special occasions and even wealthy people ate only 2-3 times a week? Not anymore. People eat meat once/twice even three times a day! Because of this, approximately 100,000 cows per day are killed. That's 35 million cows annually. Chickens are killed in the USA is around 23 million per day – which is over 8 billion chickens per year. The sheer number of cows and chickens are killed every day makes it impossible to enforce any humane way to raise and kill all animals.

If you care about environment and/or want to reduce global warming, you ought to go vegan. You might think you are doing enough, but the truth is, world meat and dairy production cause more pollution and green house effect than entire cars and industry pollution combined.

Almost half of all the fresh water in US is used to raise, maintain, and slaughter livestock. To produce 1 pound of meat, 5,000 gallons of water is needed. On the other hand, growing 1 pound of wheat only takes 25 gallons of water. Total water used in producing one pound of beef is more then water used in taking shower for a whole year. On average, meat eating diet requires more than 4,000 gallons of water per day.

It does not stop there. Entire livestock in the world produce 87,000 pounds of excrements per second. This is 130 times more then entire human excrements. So much so that they cannot be properly decay on land.

They wash off to streams, rivers, and sea before they rot, polluting majority of drinking water. In US alone, the amount of pollution by livestock fecal matters cause 10 times more water contamination then by human excrement.

What about fishing? Fishing is extremely destructive environmentally. Over 70% of worldwide fish stock has been depleted in just last 10 years or so.

Not only that, animals which are not sold in fish market are discarded. They amount to 7,000,000 tons each year – which means 7 million tons of animals – including albatrosses, turtles, dolphins, and sharks – who are killed in fish net, their bodies are dumped back into ocean.

This practice will not go away – at least any time soon because of various reasons – click here for more information.

These are just a couple of details – to read more about how fishing is destroying marine life and ocean itself, click here.

By the way, do you know that fish has methyl mercury which is 100 times toxic that mercury found on land? So yes, even trace amount of mercury in the fish is 100 times more lethal then that of the land mercury.
People know there is something horribly wrong with this world, but most think that they cannot do anything because they don't have any power. The most often excuse is "I am just one person and what can I do about it."

This is quiet wrong. You can do a lot for future of humanity, environment, and yourself by changing your diet now.

    "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
    --Anne Frank
Going vegan is not at all these days if one has average income these days. Even if one has below average income, one can eat healthy if you plan carefully – this will be added on the website.

Just take a look:

And yes, there are vegan cookies, vegan pies, vegan cakes and the list goes on and on. There is even vegan hard boiled egg recipe (and it's so simple).

Of course, there are much more of fake meat variety these days. You would be amazed. Click here for entire list for vegan alternative for meat, hamburger, cheese, butter, ice cream, milk, eggs, and etc.

Going vegan is not difficult these days. It is surprisingly easy. If could not go vegetarian / vegan but could not because you like the taste of meat, this is the solution. Some of these vegan replacements may not be good as the "real stuffs" but some are so exactly same, like meatless vegan jerky from Primal Spirit Food or even better like vegan butter from Earth Balance.
However, if you are thinking about getting healthier and loss weight by going vegetarian / vegan, there are some things one should know. These are related mainly with nutrition, but they are not exactly how people expected.

Below is a list of major reasons why so many people fail in vegan diet – aside from satisfying their taste buds.

These matters are also closely related to people who go vegan / vegetarian still eating refined flour, refined sugar, dairy products, food additives, type of fat intake, and etc. If you are eating any food that contains white / brown sugar and white flour, you are not going to get much of health benefit by going vegan.

As this example shows, you can actually gain weight by going vegan or vegetarian if you are not doing it correctly.

I first became a vegan by gradually stop eating following items in the period of 7 years in the following order; meat → fish → egg → milk and dairy products.

Along the way, I experienced most, if not all the pitfalls and obstacles such as:

  • Dizziness and Chronic Fatigue
  • Food addiction (Including Cheese Addition)
  • Had to constantly eat in order to have any energy
  • Worried about getting enough calcium, protein, vitamin D, mineral
  • Difficult to find appropriate food in a supermarket
  • Family / peer pressure
  • etc..

Sounds familiar? Yup. I went through every one of them. I also started to see patterns why people have hard time keeping up with plant based diet. These are mostly related to the problems that I mentioned on the list: why people fail to go vegan.

Those who were successful were able to deal with these matters one way or another through researching on their own and/or taught by someone else.

This website is about 20 years of knowledge and experience of that I and others have researched, gathered, and experimented in ways of dealing with these matters.

In this website you will find:

Even if you don't want to go vegan right now, think about doing so. Because you do not have will, rather you create your will by thinking about it.

    "The ancestor of every action is a thought."
    --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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